Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

20 Sep 2016

Mobile App Development

InnoSoft Tech Solutions is a rapidly growing custom development company with headquarters in Kumbakonam. InnoSoft Tech Solutions is to developed hundreds of desktop and web applications for businesses around the globe.

We are also specialized in the development of custom mobile app. Specifically, our company carries out iOS app development, Android App Development and we are able to develop apps across any OS/platform. At every stage of the development process, from conceptual design to product release, the highest quality standards are maintained. If you would like to have made-to-order product instead of ordinary off-the-shelf solutions, InnoSoft Tech Solutions developers will help you build a solution to align completely with your business aspirations, corporate procedures and internal communication processes! InnoSoft Tech Solutions is a custom mobile app development company specializes in developing scalable software applications, business software and automation software.

iOS Development

From iPhone to iPad to Apple Watch - we've built a boatload of iOS apps. A very large, powerful boat. Can your app say, "I'm on a boat!'? Ours can. Sourcebits made our mark developing iOS apps. Several hundred iPhone and iPad apps later, we’ve achieved success in almost every category for just about every industry. We’re also experienced in Swift, and have the best team of C and Objective-C coders.

Android App Development

Android apps live in a highly fragmented multi-device world. The API rules are less strict, but quality assurance testing is more intensive. We handle it. We’ve developed hundreds of cool Android apps on releases from 2.X to 6.X. From Gingerbread to Marshmallow, simple phones to custom devices to Android wearables — we’ve done it all.

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